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Don’t Forget Me, Promise?

Don’t Forget Me, Promise?

Time really got away from me today. I packed a little this morning. My son and daughter-in-law invited me to Kentucky Fried Chicken for lunch. They brought baby E. along so I got to spend some time with him. I always remember how old he is because he was born a week before Al passed away. Can you believe Al has been gone six months? It still seems like yesterday to me in my mind and heart.

He now…

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My Thoughts to You

My Thoughts to You

Well my friends, it is 9:30 in the evening. It has been a long and yet fast-moving day. I have so much to do here at home yet, but it is those things you can’t deal with until the last day and sometimes the last hours.

Today, I went and met friends for lunch. Tonight, my neighbor and I went out to supper. I have packed some things. My place definitely looks like I am moving. Tomorrow evening will…

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Going Away Party

Tonight my friends and I met at Pizza Hut for a going away  party for me. We had a good time. Lots of laughter and chatting. The waitress spilled one of my friend’s drinks and we all even laughed over this; although I am sure that ice-cold pop in a warm lap didn’t feel the best. When we parted ways there was a lot of hugging but no tears. I never say goodbye. I always say, talk to you later. It…

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Litmus, Litmus on the Wall

Litmus, Litmus on the Wall

Daily Prompt Litmus, Litmus on the Wall

If you had to come up with one question, the answer to which would determine whether or not you could be friends with a person you’ve just met, what would it be? What would the right answer be?

I am not very good at meeting people in the first few moments. I want to be more out there, but…

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