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Happy Anniversary

Days are getting better but new ideas of writing are falling. I don’t like it but I think my mind is so much on blogging as it is on what do I need to get rid of so I don’t have to have the biggest U-Haul in the world.

My home is becoming a mess as I put things in boxes or make piles of do I keep or not. Shouldn’t it be the other way around? The more packed, the less messy look? I still have…

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Is it Safe or Are We Safe; Any Truth to This?

Is it Safe or Are We Safe; Any Truth to This?


I was surfing through my Facebook as I usually do each morning. No, don’t think I am addicted to  this internet site, it actually helps me to wake up. I have to read which kick start my brain. I have to focus my eyes, which exercises my muscles.

I have to think; keeps me from getting Dementia. I have to use my muscles in my face as I laugh at so many things I…

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You Are Nothing But a Bully!!!!

You Are Nothing But a Bully!!!!


What is the point

What do you prove

How sad and alone

For the things that you do

Where are the parents

Where is the school

What ever happened

To following the rules

Who can I blame

Should it be you or me

So many excuses

Let’s toss them to the sea

My heart goes out

My pain runs deep


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