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I entered the party

I felt so out-of-place

All the people I saw  dancing

I knew this was a waste

I went to the bar

I got myself a drink

I sat at a far table

Then I saw you and you winked

I looked  behind me

To see who else sat near

There wasn’t anyone around

I wanted to run from fear

There has never been a soul

Who has made my heart beat race

But when I saw you smile

I felt…

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All in a Day

All in a Day

Today was a little busy for me. I woke up way too early. I don’t know what this waking up early thing is, but I don’t like it. I am ready for a nap by noon. Today I felt so much pain in my shoulder and neck area. I had heard from someone on here or Facebook, that maybe using it may actually heal it, so I decided to give it a try.

I ate my breakfast and then went outside and started taking down…

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The Waltons

I don’t know about you, but most of the TV shows I watch are the oldies. Maybe because I am older I relate better, or maybe it is because I don’t like all the nasty stuff that is portrayed in TV today.

The Walton’s is one of the shows I watch. Is there really a Blue Ridge Mountain in Virginia? Was it made up or is it real? I decided to do some searching and this is what I found.


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I Want You in my Book

I Want You in my Book

Every time I have family here for a meal we end up having food that is familiar to the eyes. This Sunday is going to be my last cook-out with my family. I want it to be special.

This is where you, my friends come in my story. You always wanted to be a part of a happy ever after book didn’t you? Well, here is your chance.books

I want this to be an easy meal with pretty colors sitting on the table. I…

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When Down Low, Angels Flow

When Down Low, Angels Flow

chloeI haven’t felt the best  today, from the stupid mistake I made yesterday moving my bed. I have done very little today; but I am feeling a bit better tonight with pain medications, so time to get up and start moving around.

Speaking of moving, it seems when I am at one of my low points in life, God sends angels to my rescue to up-lift me. Today, I received two of those angels. One of them was a…

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